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Chrome book pick up day will be on Thursday, Aug 13th.
K-1st grade will be 8:00-9:30am
2nd-3rd grade will be 930-11:00am
4th-5th grade will be from 1:00-2:30pm
If you have multiple children you will still have to come at each child’s designated time.
C.A. Donehoo Elementary School Remote Plan
C.A. Donehoo Elementary School is a place of joy and an excitement for learning. Our transition to a remote learning environment continues this focus as we offer students our inclusive program where all learners feel safe, nurtured, and challenged. Our staff will continue to embrace the uniqueness of each child as they develop their character, grow academically, and tend to their social-emotional well-being. We view the shift to remote learning as an opportunity to engage with students in new and innovative ways. The elementary school remote learning plan follows an asynchronous learning model. We feel strongly that this student-centered approach to learning offers our students and families the flexibility they need during our time online. Teachers will have face to face lessons in a variety of subjects on the Google Classroom format and students complete those lessons at their own pace throughout the day. Teachers also will schedule face-to-face intervention and resource classes daily as well.
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL REMOTE LEARNING EXPECTATIONS As a community of learners, Donehoo Elementary School shared expectations during our virtual learning program are as follows:
• Be responsible for your learning and know your schedule.
• Use ClassDojo(K-5th) and Google Classroom (K-5th) to access assignments and to post completed assignments.
• Attend a video conference weekly to discuss targeted skills.
• Comply with Donehoo’s Internet Acceptable and Device Use Policy.
• Post the given lesson/ activity at the indicated time on the schedule.
• Monitor and respond to each student’s post/ message within the 1-3pm time allotted.
• Communicate and troubleshoot with students and families who are struggling with participation.
• Develop ways to meet individual student needs and develop plans for further differentiation.
• Conference weekly with each student through video or phone, checking in daily with students who are reading at an at-risk level.
• Report daily attendance.
• Use formative and summative assessments during our remote learning shift.
• Develop assessments through the USA Test Prep Program/IXL Program.
• Plan and co-plan by making adjustments to each week’s lesson plan based on Gadsden City Schools Pacing Guides..
• Weekly co-planning and department meetings will occur remotely and be scheduled by co-teachers and instructional leads.
• Professional development and faculty meetings will also occur remotely and will be held on Monday and any other day assigned by the principal.
• Establish routines and expectations for your student.
• Take an active role in helping your student process their learning.
• Define the physical space for your child’s study.
• Check school communication sites and also communicate with the school as needed .
• Communicate proactively with your teachers if you need additional support or cannot meet deadlines.
• Proactively seek out and communicate with other adults at Donehoo Elementary as needs arise including counselors and the front office for assistance. Email or 256-546-3604.
Students in grades K-5 will earn numerical grades and a final letter grade at the end of each nine-week grading period using the following scale. Grading for Kindergarten will be assessed and monitored using a standards-based skills checklist prior to the first progress report. Grades can be accessed through the iNow parent portal, and you can expect regular feedback from your child’s teacher.
Letter Numerical Grade
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F 59 and below
Students with IEPs and 504 Plans can expect to have services provided as part of their learning plan. Mrs. Haygood, Mrs. Waggoner, and Mr. Bishop will be communicating with you directly regarding those services, as those will vary by child.
In addition, our school counselor, Mrs. Haygood, will provide guidance services to students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs, as well as regular guidance classes via Google Classroom.
Additional activities will be offered to students such as music, art, computer, library, and physical education. These classes will use the Google Classroom platform to deliver lessons.
The library will offer weekly activities. These activities can be used as needed to provide enriching activities for all students. We would like to recommend that MyOn online library and other online resources for literature will be the primary sources used. You can also reach Mrs. Nix by phone or email.
Office Phone – 256.546.3604
Email –
Time Requirements
The following time requirements are recommended by the ALSDE:
Donehoo will adhere to these recommendations for required academic subjects. Additional remote learning options, such as fine arts and enrichment, are not included in this time frame. Daily instructional schedules will be shared with you by your child’s classroom teacher prior to the first day of remote learning.
Gadsden City Schools is pleased to offer the use of Chromebook devices for students on an as-needed basis. We will let you know the date of the Chromebook pick up soon.
Classroom Teacher Assignments
Information will be provided to students on August 11th. Your child’s teacher will contact you on this date.
Child Nutrition Program
Gadsden City Schools will be providing meals to students three times a week, on Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesdays from 12-1. Food can be picked up in the carline loop following our usual pick up route. More information will be shared on the school website, Facebook, and Schoolcast automated message system.
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C.A. Donehoo Elementary School
School telephone: (256)546-3604
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